Playing in the Fifth Dimension

THE BODY The human body is like the body of a car, truck, airplane or train. They come in all sizes, have different purposes and are loved based on the bias of the operator. The body must become servant to the mind.

THE MIND The electrical system in any vehicle has a similar role as one’s mind. Amazingly enough each vehicle, like humans, has a key unique to its ignition. No other key will work. Likewise, the only person who can turn your mind on is YOU! You control your attitude, your mindset, your focus. What happens when you turn on the light switch to your mind?

THE EMOTIONS The difference between a thermometer and a thermostat is one registers the temperature while the other controls it. In today’s cars, technology is so efficient the thermostat can control the driver and passenger temperature separately. Fear, anger, rage, self-pity, pouting, joy, attitude, confidence, and courage are all emotions controlled by you.

THE SPIRIT Transporters without appropriate fuel cannot operate. Run a car tank out of fuel and it becomes worthless. Run an athlete out of desire and losing is soon to follow. The spirit of a person is the fuel found in the inner most being, the heart. Find the fire, the passion, the will to fight and you have a chance to win. When athletes develop health (wholeness) in these four dimensions, a miracle takes place. They are able to perform in the fifth dimension. Observe how most champions or championship teams are able to elevate their performance to new heights.

NBC Camps empowers athletes to live in the fifth dimension. This means living up to your potential, being the best you can be.

Fred Crowell

President & Founder of NBC Camps