PEACE – A Fruit of the Spirit

Peace is a virtue that helps solve conflicts and bring common sense to the argument. 

“Operate in peace” is a core value at NBC Camps. Peace is easily achieved when the ball bounces our way. Peace is a strange bedfellow when life is hard and painful. It is during these times the hard work training for peace is tested. 

Peace is vital when the heart doctor works on the child’s tiny heart, no bigger than your pinkie nail. No tolerance for mistakes.

Peace is critical when making the really tough decisions of life; do I do Chemo or do I go natural? Peace is the fruit of existential self-diagnosis skill mastery. Check out Crowell’s 7 Day Crash Course on EQ.

How do we grow peace?

image001For me, it begins with living in the reality of Psalm 23. For me, this means memorization of these powerful, life-changing words. For me, it means saying these words of light aloud during the idle moments of the day, and especially at night when awakened by the smallest sound.

When we arrive at the place in life where enough is enough; when we shall not want; when we are willing to lie down in the green pastures and still waters of life, peace has a chance to grow in us.

Few virtues have a higher yield than peace.

Peace is more valuable than being right in an argument.

Peace is more precious than buying cars, houses, boats, clothes and all those wonderful things that one day become our junk and someone else’s treasure.

Peace is a golden virtue.