OLOGY-Crowell’s Five


KEY STATEMENT: These five OLOGY’S are the five disciplines that have played a significant role in my life.

Two principals that have deeply embedded in the way I think and act are:

  1. The challenge is to take the complexity out of each OLOGY. Know it. Understand it.
  2. Take simple, effective steps of action. Complete mastery of each Ology comes down to one thing – a lifelong pursuant of hard work. There are no shortcuts.

Definition of terms:

PHILOSOPHY is the study of meaning and purpose. Philo means to love; Sophie means to study. To love the study of meaning and purpose should be education’s primary mission. If you know the why you discover the reason to learn and live. Why study math or English or history? Teach the why and education happens.

PSYCHOLOGY is the study of humans. To me, this means to love knowing and understanding human performance. Few academic disciplines are more fascinating than the study of human behavior. Psychology teaches us who we are, whereas spirituality teaches us who we can become.

BASKETBALL-OLOGY is the knowing and understanding of a sports game. Sports games DO NOT develop character. Athletics reveal character. The REAL YOU emerges quickly in physical competition. Basketball is a tool to teach OLOGY.

LIFEBALL-OLIGY is loving living life. LIFEBALL is the best game on earth. It requires no equipment and you’ll be playing anywhere, anytime, anyplace. When one is truly living the precious present I call this LIFEBALL. A walk, a sweet conversation, delightful silence, a meal with family, singing in the shower, and a nap are all LIFEBALL games.

SPIRITUAL-OLOGY is God’s relationship to us and our relationship to God. In my view it is the most difficult OLIGY to know, understand and put into action, yet a deep meaningful and personal relationship to Abba father, the creator of the universe, and his beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who became flesh have lived among us so that we could experience the glory of his Majesty, which is the sweetest and most valuable experience life on this earth offers us.

Fred Crowell’s meaning and purpose for life:

Love God with all my mind, heart and soul. Love people and live in forgiveness with a grateful mindset.

Win each moment with an attitude of gratitude in such a way that ease and grace describe my actions.

For me, to live is Christ, the powerful words Paul described how he has chosen to live LIFEBALL. I choose the same. How about you?