“The steps of a man are established by the Lord; when he delights in His way…” – Psalm 37

Children are remarkably amazing. As I reflect on summer 2016, the thousands of youth at NBC Camps move me to a place of wonderment and gratitude.

Each week the athletes were asked to write letters to parents or caregivers. Many were tear-jerkers! Children love to love their parents.

Each day athletes gave their best in every possible way. They embraced loving hard work.

Now, it’s back to the real world. We need great memories to win the moment, so we can win the hour, so we can win the day.

Now my plan is creating a family fun memory to lift us when things go not to our liking. 3-year-old Kingston told Lala (Grandma Susie) when she says no, “This is not my plan.” Susie in turns says, “I know, honey, but we are going to do it this way.”

Isn’t life like this? How many times have you faced this past year, last week or even yesterday experiences that weren’t you’re plan?

How we respond to those this is not my plan events in our lives can be the difference between living in emotional and spiritual poverty or in the abundance of gratitude, grace and forgiveness.

Paul gives the perfect prescription for those, this is not my plan experiences. Paul told his Roman brothers and sisters, “All things work together for good to them who love God, to them who are called to His purpose.”

We purchased a car to replace Susie’s totaled auto. The dealership was doing a few things to get it ready. Last night our sales guy called. Another salesman had taken the sold sign off and sold the car.

Not our plan. We are in the same circumstance as when our 3-year-old grandson said,  “This is not My plan.” Thank you, Kingston for this valuable life lesson.