An expert yoga teacher says: “Young people have lots of lotion to oil their joints. The aging process slows down the body’s lubrication process.”

The solution to rusty hinges is oil lubrication. The solution to stiff and tight joints is motion. Motion is the oil for our joints.

Some people were born to move, and their life occupation allows this lifestyle. Susie Crowell likes to say, “I was built for speed not comfort.” Mrs. C is in perpetual motion.

On the other hand, Mr. C has never seen a comfortable sitting place he does not like. Comfort work calls him. A nap is his best friend.

Those who move win; those who sit lose. So how do we win? There are four simple ways to lubricate our physical joints:

  1. Drink water.
  2. Walk, even if slowly with a cane.
  3. Stretch gently all parts of the body; join a yoga class if necessary.
  4. Develop joy in motion, and keep moving.

You will enjoy the motion lotion as oil for your joints!