With this February being a leap year, we got a bonus day. We will not have another 29th of February for four more years!

My bonus day started early. I needed to be at the clinic for blood tests.

The technicians asked me how I was. First thought, “Should I tell them the truth or make something up?”

I had to decide, was my day going to be mundane or momentous? Yet, would my answer really have any effect?

In Bridge of Spies actor Tom Hanks asked the spy facing death questions like:

“Are you afraid?”

“Are you worried?”

Each answer was always the same!

Would it help?”

If I tell people the total truth when they ask me how I am or how I feel, will it help?

If I tell them a lie about how I truly am or feel, will it help?

Many years ago in the hard,  cold reality of professional counseling, I discovered a life principle that actually works in real life.  It is, “fake it till you make it” or “act as if.”

Knowing that what we appreciate appreciates and what we depreciate depreciates, I often assigned clients to relive memories of positive experiences like the day you fell in love and wanted to marry your, now present problem. 

The assignment:  For the next 24 hours act as if your partner is the best person possible for you.  Act as if your life and partner is awesome.  

How long do you want to do this experiment for: 24, 48 or 72 hours? 

Choose the time period you think you can go with no criticism, no sarcasm; just kindness, encouragement and appreciation.  

So, based on what you just read, was Fred Crowell’s day mundane or momentous?