The difference between an Elegant question and a factual question.

Elegant question – How many miracles can you see while looking at the moon?

Factual question  –  Can you see the moon in the photo?

There is a place for both elegant and factual questions.

One has a right or wrong answer the other is subject to the imagination.

One explores factual knowledge the other stimulates conversation.

Have you ever seen a miracle? All too often the response I get is a confused look and the factual answer, “No.”

A good follow up fact question, “Do you think the moon is a miracle?”

Yes is always the response.

If yes, then how many ways is the moon a miracle in your opinion? Last time I searched 7 was the number I was able to find.

How many can you come up with as you meditate on the miracle moon?

If the moon is a miracle what are you? Is your hand a miracle? How?

As we master the search skill for finding miracles in the big picture and small details of life, we become filled with wonder and awe.

A baby’s face is a miracle.
The red rose is a miracle.
The beggar on the curbside is a miracle.
Life is a miracle.
Heaven is a miracle.

You are a miracle. Let’s act like miracles.

Factual Sources: Psalms 8,19 and 139; Philippians 2:1-11; Colossians 3:12-17.


Moon above Deer Lake photo taken by S Crowell

Moon above Deer Lake photo taken by S Crowell