There was Aristotle, Socrates, and then there is Lazaros; all famous in their own right in the nation of Greece.

Aristotle and Socrates were famous for their brilliant minds; Lazaros for taking Greece to the 2006 Olympic Championship games.

The 2006 Greeks defeated the USA team in the semifinals. Lazarus scored 16 points against San Antonio star, Tim Duncan.

Lazarus brought 14 players from Thessaloniki to NBC ITALIA in Castel di Sangro. The 7-foot giant of a man was a lion on the basketball court and a gentle shepherd off the court.

The life message Lazarus lived out before our USA team of 37 motivated me to study Paul’s writings to the Thessalonians.

1st Thessalonians is a powerful letter of inspiration and encouragement for both Paul’s friends and to those of us who read his words today

For me the beautiful part in reading these inspirational word from Paul is the fact that Lazarus is living exactly in the same manner his ancestors lived 2000 years ago.

My encouragement and Words of Hope for you today is that you would take some time to read 1st Thessalonians and apply it’s truths to your life. I believe you will receive the same kind of encouragement that I received after studying His word.