“Start living instead of dying.” -S. Crowell

Lights ON living is a moment by moment decision. Today’s modern cars are designed to take human error out of driving.

Automatic headlights are just one of many examples.

Driving a vehicle in the dark without headlights and taillights is a recipe for catastrophe. With minimal care, automatic lights are a simple fix. To make sure driver’s pay attention there is a hefty fine for those who neglect repair.

zombie-kidThe Psalmist said, “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path.”

The Gospel writer wrote, “The eyes are a light to the soul.” Mean eyes, mean heart; joyful eyes, joyful heart.

When Moses met with the Lord, he returned to his people with a radiant countenance.

The bride at her wedding dressed in glorious white has a face of beauty. Her eyes pour love and joy. Her lights are on full beam.

What happened to the living who limp through life as a “dead man walking?”

What happened to the children who drag themselves out of bed and lifelessly go to school?

Or worse yet, the up to 25% of kids who skip school each day. One of four children is walking dead.

The Bible story about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead had significant implications for any person who chooses life over death.

Walking alive or walking dead is a moment by moment choice. For the person who recently told me, “I don’t know, I don’t have the tools to solve my problem,” I say this with emphatic confidence.

Neither do I have the tools to fix your problem or even my own problem, however, there is a book of proven reliability that has the tools to fix your problems and my problems.

It is so easy yet so difficult. The easy part is admitting we need help, we don’t have the answers and we must turn to God for now his grace and his mercy and his love go to work in our lives.