Recently, my yoga instructor had her class members in semi-pain as they held a position. She smiled and exclaimed, “KISS THE EDGE!”

The basketball coach in me also smiled through a grimaced face as I thought, “Oh, I get it.” I realized she meant what I conveyed to my basketball team players to BE COMFORTABLE IN THE UNCOMFORTABLE. The challenge for a basketball player is to make the opponent uncomfortable as you yourself play in comfort.

Take a stroll through an oncology clinic. What will you see? You will see some of the most courageous people on the planet. You will see people engulfed in pain, yet they press on in uncomfortable situations.

Then take a stroll to an intense athletic game or match. You will see the same. Athletes in terrifically uncomfortable situations, fulfilling their coach’s demand to “impose your will on your opponent.” Ask these questions:

  1. Which player or team is kissing the edge?
  2. Which player or team is playing in comfort not discomfort?
  3. Which player or team is imposing their will on the opponent?

The principle of kissing the edge, living in comfort while in discomfort is a daily challenge. What makes you uncomfortable? What edge do you face? When do you need to dig down deep to win the moment? If you can answer these questions, you will then know when you need to KISS THE EDGE and thereby win the day.