Here are four more practical principles regarding God’s inner strength:

  • God’s strength takes me to new heights and new adventures.
  • God’s strength is unwavering when I stay focused on Him.
  • God’s strength is given through innermost prayer.
  • God’s strength is available for each assignment.

One of my biggest assignments was to coach a basketball team that in one season played 49 games (20 in 7 foreign countries in 26 days), flew 35,000 miles and presented hundreds of programs.

How could we as a team have physical, mental, emotional energy to play excellent basketball and still live and speak of a dynamic spiritual life possible in Jesus Christ?  It was only possible because of God’s inner strength available for each assignment!

Our joy was hearing city officials after a foreign game say: “Coach, this is the finest group of men we have ever seen from the United States… they live their religion on the basketball court.”  The icing on the cake was many in the audiences chose to make Christ real in their lives.  One expressed it was “with hospitality and love.”

By the way, our foreign W-L record that year ended as 15-5.  Never would this have been possible if we just depended on our human strength!

If you would like to know the places in the Bible for these 12 “God’s strength” statements, I will make them available tomorrow in Words of Hope.