hqdefaultKey Statement: Like health, a job is never fully appreciated until you lose it. Lose your health and you run the risk of losing everything. Lose your job and you run the risk of losing meaning and purpose.

Atlanta Restaurant 1977, Crowell coaching staff was served by an immigrant from Cambodia.

Coach asked the lady server, “Do you like America?”

With complete astonishment, the woman declared, “I HAVE A JOB!”

The body language was, “Are you kidding me; what a stupid question.”

Dan Mortimore who owns Mortimore Productions, one of Spokane’s best places to shoot and produce advertising, delights in teasing me.

Dan sent me a list of all his jobs growing up to let me know he worked harder than me growing up. 

As you read his grow up jobs think of all your grow up jobs. These jobs make us into the person we are today.

Bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits. Grow up jobs are one of the precious benefits in our memory bank.

Dan Mortimore’s Grow Up Jobs:

Age 8- Lawn Mowing

Age 9- Paper Boy/Walla Walla Union Bulletin

Age 10- Projectionist/Dayton Liberty Theatre

Age 14- Projectionist/Dayton Drive-In, thru age 18

Age 15- Green Giant Company/ASPARAGUS and peas

Age 15- Snow removal roofs

Age 15- Dayton Hospital/janitor

Age 16- Wheat Truck Driver/Buck hay

Age 16- WSU extension Spokane

Age 16- Texaco Gas Station

Age 18- Jesus changed it all

Age 19- Kings Table/janitor

Age 20- KPTV Portland