If dogs could bark in human language, I am convinced my new pup, Hope LUV, would bark words of hope to you. Hope is kind and gentle, and she delights in jumping, running, and receiving approval.

My responsibility is to educate Hope to be well trained. It is challenging! If I want Hope to ride in the car or enjoy the comfort of a soft rug near my feet in a comfortable room, she must learn to have good manners.

It would be awesome if Hope could bark her encouraging words to everyone. These are the words I would love to have Hope sincerely bark to you.

  • HANG ON TENACIOUSLY TO HOPE, the anchor to your heart.
  • NEVER QUIT; keep the fight for right living until your very last breath in this lifetime.
  • WALK HUMBLY with your God; see the gold and silver thread in all creation, people, flowers, and even pain.
  • LIVE WITH PASSION; fuel your life engine with a positive mental attitude.
  • TRUST GOD ABOVE ALL; He will never leave or forsake you.
  • LOVE MOST THE PEOPLE WHO DEEPLY LOVE YOU; they are the ones who will always be there.
  • LIVE RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW, the precious present moment. This is all we really have; yesterday is gone, and tomorrow perhaps will never come.
  • DRESS WITH WISE PLANNING; name each article of clothing as a positive character quality you want to live out this very day.

We will accept Hope’s barking. She has barked great ideas for us!