Why is hard work not enough?

Because love and passion bring meaning & purpose to HW?

Why is meaning and purpose essential to hard work?

Because if you love hard work your motivation will be inspired?

Why is inspiration important in hard work?

Inspiration is the fire power to be more productive, creative and excellent?

Why is production, creativity and excellence important to working hard?

Work is a gift from God not a discipline of drudgery and pain. Work combined with love and passion becomes master pieces of expression.

For 45 years the NBC MANTRA HAS BEEN. HARd WORK-Pays off!

My new challenge is to embrace fully LOVE of HARD WORK- this brings glory to God and refreshment to those being served

Early today. I reorganized my closet, shined all my shoes, de-junked closets and loved the process. Attitude is king.

Good start! Think big year start small shining shoes.

MATTHEW 15. Speak Lord. I am here. Ears open and eyes to see.

Clarification to all friends. When i said i was evaluating sending these daily words some expressed concern about my health.

I had pause if I should send out these Words from Suave because too often I share what I have not mastered.

A mentor asked, why are you sending this to others?

After asking 5 Why’s two reasons surfaced:

#1. This discipline is what I need for me on my journey to live where I want and need to be.

#2. To call it your own it is vital to share what you are learning. Note Learning not learned. As I share with you I learn at a deeper level.

One responder told how the family of five used one as a family time.

Soon those who wish to get Words from Suave can connect to my website.

Back to Matthew

Point One. Matthew has not been my favorite Gospel book. Yet as I have spent time with this former tax collector I have come to value him. He is a straight shooter and when he met the Savior he was ALL IN.

The fact is Jesus noticed him. Good news. If Jesus noticed a tax collector he can notice a coach.

Action point-spend quality time w the important people in my life this year because my appreciation for them will grow.

Jesus question. “Do you nullify the word of God for your traditions”.

“People honor God and people with their lips but not their hearts. ”

Matthew is speaking to me this Labor Day. Embracing work not only with hard effort but even more importantly with a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving. To actually love the act of working hard has dramatic positive consequences.

Work has the potential to be beneficial to people when done cheerfully, enthusiastically and with perfection.

One of my favorite passages from St. Paul’s writings comes to mind.

“Therefore as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, cloth your selves with compassion, kindness, gentleness, humility and patience….
And whatever you do in word or deed do all in the name of The Lord.

I choose Loving hard work today.

Win the moment. Then win the day.


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