Key Statement: People are about as happy as they personally choose to be. Happiness is an attitude. When a young athlete practices the idea of LLA (listen to learn to act) they have begun the journey to define their true potential.

Fact: The two things we can control are: effort and attitude.

How? Effort and attitude are controlled by will power.

The good news about WP (will power)!

  1. WP is learned not inherited behavior.
  2. Attitude grows WP.

Happiness – originates in the will.

  1. Happiness is a choice.
  2. Happiness grows more happiness.

Meet Señor Sergio

A friend for 14 years
Mr. Happy is happy
Because he chooses to be happy.

This moment is your choice

This minute is your choice

This hour is your choice

Dress yourself in happiness and toss the other clothes in the wash for cleaning.

A man has joy, happiness, by the words of his mouth.  – Proverbs


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  1. Jim Wilson May 6, 2017 at 4:15 PM · · Reply

    Hey Fred, Been a while since I chatted with you. Hope life is good and you are still traveling. We have been doing a bit and are in the middle of a remodel and leaving for Juneau the 15th of May.

    You stay as well as possible and may god keep smiling down on you. What is your email


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