Green Lights Red Lights

The first day of September is Crowell’s January first day?

Why? Always a wise question because if you know the why the “how too follows” like a dog on a leash.

For 45 years NBC has operated on a school year calendar. As summer ends sports camps end. The last camp is a red light and the next, green light camp season begins.

I truly love Spokane Septembers. This one may be an exception with so many fires destroying land, homes, businesses and most of all people.

September 1 is Crowell Red Light Time
‪#‎review‬ miracles of past year-come up with top 5 out of 10
‪#‎rejoice‬ in past 12 months of victories. Celebrate them all week
‪#‎confession‬ week-search for hidden areas of “cleaning the interior home” of Crowell.

Green Light Day. The first day of a new year for Crowell. Dream BIG plan small.

Goal. All 2015-16 goals in place
With these 3 core values
‪#‎expect‬ less from others –
‪#‎operate‬ in abundance not lacking
‪#‎red‬ light all “should statements”
‪#‎Focused‬ attention daily on following M/P’s
1. Triple E life living
2. Crowell Basketball University
3. Family
4. Native Alaska
5. NBC China
6. Business consulting
7. NBC camps

Plan a one day personal retreat day
Done by September 16

Matthew 12.
God ‘s WORD is alive and active and able to produce love and light and life into all who seek its power.

I come on great need do that today is His MIRACLE IN MY LIFE.

Matthew lays it out on the hypocrisy of being super religious and

The critics of The Lord condemn Him for doing good on the sabbath.

In my life experience Matthew’s message rings true. Today it seems to me common idea equates religious behavior to external behaviors like church attendance and obedience to rules of conduct.

Jesus dramatically shots this idea in the foot.

Speaking of church a wise Christ servant said. “There are three church opportunities available. The first church is in the home. The heart of the believer; then the family church and finally the community church. All have value.

Psalm one and Proverbs one will have to wait until evening. Playing with a two and four year old; yoga class and now lunch with four miracle ladies. Wife, daughter and 3 granddaughters.


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