GIVING TUESDAY – A Personal Invitation from Fred Crowell

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s time to give back!  Giving Tuesday is today!  It is the charitable counterpart. For us, it is the opportunity to share the gift of influencing youth positively at athletic camps. Won’t you, as superheroes, please join us for the good of youth camp scholarships — many young athletes need the impact of NBC Camps!

Here is a personal invitation from SLM and NBC Camps’ founder, Fred Crowell.

Having enjoyed our wonderful American Thanksgiving, we want to remind you of this event.  It is Giving Tuesday today. This is when many Americans come together to help a mission dear to their hearts.

Through sports camps, we have had the unique opportunity of influencing youth ages 6-18 for nearly 50 years. In addition to athletic skills, we have been able to speak life skills and decisions into these tender hearts before they are pulled in the opposite direction. Our bedrock is the person of Jesus Christ. Never has this age span been more crucial in today’s society of many single-parent homes.

Many campers say their week at camp was life-changing, and a perfect combination of basketball, great people with great life knowledge, and Christ. When campers say thank you, I only hope you see how valued you really are.

Please consider making a special gift for partial camp scholarships by visiting, Pay Pal.  You can also make a verbal credit card donation by calling (509) 467-4108.

We would like to continue this summer camp influence, especially to those who lack the monetary resources. However, your financial support is needed to make this possible. Words cannot say what a meaningful difference you can make. God bless you abundantly for your generosity.

Most sincere appreciation for helping our youth,

Fred J. Crowell, NBC Camps and SLM Founder

M. Gail Wright, SLM Administration