FORGIVENESS FRIDAY – Our Get Out of Jail Card

The Crowell Game Changer program dedicated each Friday to conscious level living forgiveness.

Forgiveness is or get out of jail free card.

To forgive is to save our souls, not necessarily the souls of the ones we forgive.

Biblically speaking to forgive is a command, not an option; Whereas restitution is optional.

Forgiveness this Friday is a wonderful opportunity to set up our minds and our hearts to be free from anger, resentment, bitterness, and yes even vengeance.

As I studied Paul’s coaching of his beloved son in the faith, Timothy, it became clear to me that to be able to live out “living with holy hands” required me to be free of anger and other ways I display poor character.

The more I contemplated on Paul’s teachings on forgiveness, old wounds, which I had assumed had been healed, resurfaced.

In my experience, forgiveness is among the three most important Biblical, yet poorest taught principles.  

I believe forgiveness is a command. It is not optional, whereas restitution is not a command. Forgiveness of a serious injury is not a one-time act.

Forgiveness is sort of like a get out of jail card because forgiveness brings healing and freedom. The Lord’s Prayer is the bedrock of the principles of forgiveness.

The decision to live each day with holy hands combined with challenges of health tests my character. After getting quick tempered several times over small matters, it became clear I needed to do an inventory of my past.

For months, I had kept a letter I had rewritten at least five times. I was convinced it was a good letter with good intent. It became clear the letter needed to be burned not mailed. My wife Susie and I had a burn celebration.  

These past weeks, many who read Words of Hope have emailed or called giving me encouragement/oxygen. Thank you!

My hope for you as you read these words on forgiveness is that you will benefit from my honesty about taking a deep dive to dig out any and all areas of unforgiveness in our lives.

Honestly, I cherish having holy hands. I enjoy being able to deal with difficult issues without a quickness to anger or a demonstration of poor character.

Father, thank you that you forgive me as I forgive others.