“And you will be planted like trees near living waters and whatever you do shall prosper.”

Water is the fountain of life, without it, we can do nothing. Water has amazing qualities, one of which is immense weight.

Remarkably water has the capacity to lift a 900-foot cruise ship, with 1,750 passengers, 85 feet above sea level. This in itself is a phenomena.

Remarkably water can bring life or death.

The gigantic Oroville dam in Northern California brought life to thousands of farmers, yet when the dam began to break thousands of homes were in jeopardy.

When our friends, the Meyers, were told to evacuate, they loaded up all they could in a pickup truck and headed to high ground, thinking they may never see their home again.

Water is important in the Bible.   

Jesus walked on water.

John the Baptist baptized with water.

Jesus changed a woman’s life at a well.

Jesus was pierced by a sword. Water dripped from his side.

Flooding has impacted me on several occasions.

One day I came home after a long speaking tour. Susie greeted me at the door.

“Honey I have good and bad news. Which do you want first?”

Give me the bad news, I asked.

“The basement is flooded.”  

Susie, what’s the good news!

“The water is only a foot deep,” smiled my amazing bride.

I cried!

Being flooded by love is the best kind of flood. To wake early with a heart of joy, peace, gratitude and thanksgiving is pure delight.

Being flooded with joy is not normal. It is not a genetic trait. Joy is learned behavior.

Just as the Panama Canal’s access was built by sweat and even men dying. Our access to joy was purchased in a similar manner, may we learn to redeem that precious purchase each and every day.