30 days ago, football experts had written off the Seattle Seahawks. Today the Hawks are one of the most feared football teams!

Seahawks Coach, Pete Carroll, said, “We are really committed to the (idea) that you can teach and make people aware that they are in finishing mode.”

The Seahawks are 33-5 in the second half of the season and have been under Carroll since 2012.

Super star, Earl Thomas, said, “When it gets tough, you can’t quit. We never quit. We’re going to find a way.”

Finishing is crucial in basketball. Coach Jim Harrick, the only UCLA coach since Wooden to win the NCAA National Championship, preached, “Finish the play with a basket.”

Pete Carroll believes finishing is a way of life. Finishing mode is a mindset. It begins with finishing everyday tasks. Finishing can be as basic as putting car keys, eye glasses, and cell phones in their designated place. 

In sports, finishing means to complete every drill with excellence. In academics, it means to complete the assignment with perfection.

December is the 2015 finish month. The first step to finish the year well is to be in finish mode.

Romans 12 is a one chapter and a manual on finishing mode. St. Paul gives us simple, logical ways, to be in finishing mode. 

One of my favorite core values I implemented at NBC camps years ago:  EEA – Exceed Expectations Always, and it falls into Coach Carroll’s finishing mode. 

16 days left to be in 2015 Finishing Mode. Get’er done, Crowell.