The legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus reportedly said: “You cannot become a great golfer until you have the skill to watch yourself hitting the golf ball.” This is like taking your eyes out of your head and watching yourself in action.

Healthy self-love can be developed much the same way. Yet, this new learning will be challenging. Old habits or thought patterns will be difficult to change because they are cemented in the subconscious mind which initially resists change. The conscious mind must take baby steps through repetitious mind management until it becomes a nanosecond response from the subconscious mind. This response will then become as fast as a snap of the fingers or a blink of the eyes.

For example, let’s imagine two twin girls. Both are approximately 5’1″ tall. However, one girl is slightly bigger than her sister. From their earliest days, one was called the big one; the other, the little one. This labeling became negative for the bigger sister. Consequently, she saw herself as big. Her self-love became crippled. Not until late in her adult years was she able to change her nanosecond response from the label of big.

This illustration is true of every person. In reality, regardless of our birth and childhood, our human condition always wants more or something different. Self never desires to surrender. Self has an insatiable need to obtain more: more praise, more wealth, more youth, more friends. 

The ultimate self-love takes place when we know we are enough and have enough. We delight in the great adventure of living right here right now. When the subconscious mind is trained, however, through mental mastery and body self-regulation, the nanosecond response will be joy, freedom, love, peace, gratitude. 

We were created to have our thoughts and hearts captivated. With praise for the utmost Supreme Being, we are healed. Our perspective changes. Our vision is clarified. And our hearts are strengthened.