Every child has a destiny. God ordained each child to be His precious miracle. Adults help children discover that miracle and their destiny.

There is nothing like a small child. Young children make even the old young again. 

Children are a gift to us because they bring joy and excitement, energy and fire.

Children believe big; children have high hopes; children have incredible imaginations.

Every child has a destiny. A child’s destiny does not belong to parents, coaches, or friends. It is theirs alone!

Our adult job is to make the route to a child’s chosen destiny possible within our limited power. We can’t do it for them but we can train them to win. 

Kingston James Crowell is at his first ever NBC CAMP.  Whether or not Kingston becomes a basketball player of great success is irrelevant to Papa C. My hope and prayer is for Kingston to know God created him to be a miracle and the Lord Jesus Christ has a plan for his life. 

The prophet Jeremiah said, “I know the plans that I have for you, plans for your future not for destruction but for great success.”

The purpose of these Words of Hope is to inspire my beloved readers to fight to win to reach their destination for the glory of God and to help all those we love experience the joy of reaching their destiny. 

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