Cup of Joy

You are invited to join Words of Hope on a 5-day journey to joy overflowing from our cups.  How good is that?

Some of the many pleasures in life are:

  • Cup of coffee early in the morning
  • Cup of hot chocolate after Christmas tree hunting on a cold day
  • Cup of cold water from a stream on a mountain hike
  • Cup of laughter after a funny event
  • Cup of exhilaration after a task well done
  • Cup of pure joy from a heart of gratitude

Can you relate to these?

Joy is a very precious gift from the Heavenly Father.  It cannot be manufactured, and it is more precious than any material present.  Yet, if it is spilled, it is wasted; just like a cup of spilled water has no value to one dying of thirst.  

At the outset, let’s agree that joy is an emotion, a good feeling in our spirit, as a gift from God.  It is not premeditated, like a thought.  God’s Holy Spirit gives us eyes to see His beauties in our world and in His Word which bring us joy.  In the Bible, St. Paul listed the fruit of the Spirit (book of Galatians), and the very first 2 are: “Love, joy…”

Are you ready to journey with Words of Hope?