“The best in fundamentals and game preparation”
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Crowell Point & Post System from Coach Fred Crowell


Q.  Why is it best to combine point and post players?

A. The two most critical positions are point guard and post.  If they play well together you have the foundation for a great team.  Point or post camps alone do not provide the dynamic of playing inside and outside based on the defender’s size.  This is a philosophy and area that has been neglected by many coaches.  We want to equip a player to be effective at their position’s skill set but we feel there in increasing value in understanding at the very least the basic skills of the alternate position as well.


Q.  What is the main difference between Crowell’s teaching of the point and post positions compared to other point and post basketball camps?

A. In my 50 plus years of coaching I’ve learned the importance of combining individual skill development with team skill play.  In this system, players learn to play inside and outside based on the size of the defenders.  You learn to play the game based on who guards YOU, not just the position you’ve been told you need to play.  You learn to take advantage of a defender’s weaknesses.  You learn to master the 6 major offensive skills to play both positions & more.  You learn to shoot, play hard, take care of the ball and share it to your team’s best advantage.  Plus, it’s a high priority for us to develop mental toughness is NBC Camps, we have been doing it for 45 years. 

Q.  Who is the Crowell Point & Post best suited for and is it worth the cost difference between Complete Player NBC Camps?

A. I believe NBC Complete Player Camps are a great place to learn and improve on all of the critical fundamentals of the game.  Crowell Point & Post Camp is for very serious players who already can pass, dribble, and shoot effectively.  At Crowell Point & Post Camps, we promise to deliver intensive on-court personal instruction.  We, like the majority of coaches, do not believe real learning takes place in the classroom taking notes but rather hands-on.  Crowell Point & Post Camps will provide some small group teaching team and discussion, but at a minimum.  IF you let us coach you “up” you will learn more in these camps that will impact your game, your view of the world and your personal confidence.   The method we use at Crowell Point & Post is TEC (teach, encourage, correct).  We know less is more and we want to teach you how to train yourself; therefore, Crowell Point & Post coaches, regardless of which site you select teach  until you know it, understand it, and can DO IT!  Then, when you go home you have FREE access to a unique (restricted) CP&P Learning Center to connect with your coach/mentor throughout your entire basketball season. CIC is offered once per year.  These two camps will change your game and they will change your life.  If you have a deep desire to play at your highest level of play, this camp is a bargain.  The added costs are due to the following:  additional personal attention, video analysis of play, reduced number of campers, uniform/gear package, and follow up communication from NBC Camps.


Q.  What specific skills will be taught at Crowell Point & Post Camps?

A.  One of our trained coaches will be happy to discuss this in detail.  Many of our competitors got their start in the basketball camp business at NBC Camps.  Our brand is recognized by many who have attended NBC Camps and Crowell Intensity Camp.  Crowell Point & Post is our newest product of “top” camps.  In order to remain what we aspire to be, “the best basketball camp experience in the world,” we realize we must be on the cutting edge of new ways to teach the game better.  This is our promise to you.  I have dreamed and planned for many years to have a Post and Point Camp where these two positions learn the same two positions and master the key element of great basketball.  I want to keep this information only for coaches and players who participate in the Crowell Point & Post System.  Therefore we will not put our specific curriculum online.  We will be pleased to discuss both Crowell Point & Post and CIC with you.


Q.  Do you agree with professional players and scores of college coaches that contend that USA basketball shooting and fundamentals have digressed because of players exclusively focusing on travel teams? 

A. Absolutely! In 1965, I took my University of Alaska Team to Europe.  In 1969, my Athletes in Action team visited South America.  USA basketball was light years ahead of the rest of the world.  They copied the USA system of fundamentals first and games second, while the USA drifted toward games first and fundamentals last and sometimes not at all.  From the earliest basketball ages to college athletes, USA hoopers crave 5-on-5 play and disdain skill development.  Pure shooters and masters of vital basketball skills have diminished.  These days, very few interior players have the ability to face up to the basket or even finish standard post moves.  Point guards are often poor shooters, can’t make 80% of their free throws, and do not finish plays with baskets.  With this camp, we aim to elevate the play of aspiring point guards and post players everywhere.


If you have questions please email Lindsay Dietzen (ldietzen@nbccamps.com), Personal Assistant to Fred Crowell, or you may call either Coach Crowell or Brandin Elliott.  800.406.3926