Key statement: America’s number one Airline Company is Alaska Airlines. This claim is based on two factors: Exceptional customer service, based on professional excellence at every level, and personally. Alaska Airlines has provided airfare for NBC camp staff to villages and communities throughout Alaska where countless young student athletes have experienced life changes.


Alaska Airlines board rooms can be found throughout the company’s extensive USA network. If you purchase a membership then you become entitled to a comfortable place to relax and enjoy a rest while waiting for a flight.

Crowell University is your personal opportunity to become a no fee, member of the Crowell Life Skills Board Room. Like Alaska Airlines the purpose is to provide rest and comfort.

Words of Hope with Fred have become a labor of love for me. WOH has been a source of joy; a way to connect with people who are very important to me.

When friends ask, “how do you feel?” They should not ask me “how I feel,” ask me “how I am doing.”

Writing Words of Hope reveals how I am doing. The deep and priceless joy, gratitude, and love experienced in my journey to the secret garden, where the holy trinity is waiting for me, is my reward in writing these daily words.

Thank you. Welcome to the Crowell Life Skills Board Room. Bring friends and loved ones with you.

Fred, Papa Suave, Crowell