Ask any person this question!

In your formal education experience have you taken a class in school or college on EQ?

No will be the answer 99% of the time. In my experience over the past 3 years 100% have told me they have not had an EQ educational experience.

My conviction, based on 50 years of empirical research is that 99% of the education system is cognitive driven. IQ is the holy grail. Even though educational experts believe IQ is innate. It cannot grow and mature. 

A bleak notice for the kid who scores average to low in achievement tests. 

IQ education is the “know how,” whereas EQ is the “want to.” 

Frankly, I want to hire and hang out with smart people – yet people with “fire in their belly” to make the world a better place are my kind of people. 

EQ is a better predictor of life success than IQ, but the majority of us cannot even define EQ. 

For this reason, I am taking 7 WOH to present the Crowell EQ 101 Crash Course.  

The class began September 6, so you may have to go back and review. Start slow and finish strong is the mindset. 

Each class day, 3 of Crowell’s 21 Character Qualities of EQ will be presented. For the serious life long learner, choosing one of the 3 to practice all day will prove to be both challenging, exhilarating and beneficial to oneself and others around you.