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EQ Iceburg

Thank you for taking the initiative to dig deeper into my crash EQ learning expletive. EQ is fascinating and my hope is that you join me in making this a lifelong pursuit.

The purpose of this information you are about to study is for you to write your own definition of EQ.

The clearer you are in knowing and being able to articulate EQ the more likely your mind will grow your EQ through life experiences that in the past may have gone unnoticed.

Study the following three definitions. Then write your own. To cement the concepts in your subconscious mind, practice explaining EQ to those in your sphere of influence.

  1. Be a life-long learner. Discover how you like to learn. Is it books, is it travel, discussions or documentaries? Doesn’t matter, just do it out of a longing to learn.

  2. Delight in people. People are fascinating, far more interesting and complicated than restoring old cars or furniture although these are wonderful skills. People skills change lives. Changed lives change the world.

  3. Existential self-diagnosis – imagine taking your eyes out of your end and doing a 360 three-dimensional study of yourself. What will you find? It’s like going into a dark closet in your home. Some people won’t open the door for fear of what they may find. Open the door.