The Finnish say, “There is no bad weather only bad clothing.”

The wise fisherman when I asked, “What kind of people live up the road?”

He asked, “What kind of people were they where you came from?”

The fisherman’s answer was also the same. “The people up the road are the same as those where you came from.”

People are obsessed with weather watching. We have 24 hour second by second weather news.

What we need most is 24 hour second by second interior weather news. Each day of our lives is our weather. These weather patterns become our climate.

Two crucial interior climate control questions.

Rate your self on this rating scale:

10-9 = A
8-7 = B
6-5 = C
4-3 = D
2-1 = F

Frankly, some days are F days. They are brutal. I saw about 15 people having F days at the oncologist office recently.

When people say, “I am happy every day!” I don’t believe them.

Weather changes daily. Climate is a pattern.

What is your climate of your energy over the past 90 days?_______

What is your passion level to go to school or work the past 90 days?____

You and you alone control your interior climate regardless of the weather.

Two powerful energy producers are.

Psalm 23 – he restores my soul

Psalm 103 – He forgives all my sins