Your Belief System is Your Compass

 Dr Jones, Deputy Director, Alaska Military Youth Academy

“A guide that directs your beliefs on what’s wrong and what’s right and determines your life choices.” – Ms. Jessie Craig, Civil Engineer, head Girls high school basketball coach.

To change the way you act you must change your compass; your belief system.

When you understand how your mental complex works you can begin to change your belief system/compass.

The human mental complex is a combination of the conscious, subconscious and conscience.

The will is the driver of the belief system. Your will does five things for you:

  1. Gives you drive
  2. Brings you intensity
  3. Elevates your attitude
  4. Fuels your commitment
  5. Increases your resistance

The will determines and causes you to hold your course. The will needs fuel.

Faith is the fuel that feeds your will.  Faith is always in the now, not yesterday or tomorrow. Faith is in the present tense.

If a person says, “l’ll try” there is no commitment. There is no will power.  Try is devoid of faith.  

The Bible has much to teach us about the human condition. Unlike too many college professors who teach in the clouds the writers of Holy Scripture write in graphic terms, we can know, understand and act upon.

Ecclesiastes use the ax, as a way to teach the way the will and faith work together to change one’s belief system.

If the ax is dull the work is more difficult. The ax is a representation of the will. If the will is soft life becomes hard.  

Faith is the tool that sharpens the ax. Faith is essential, necessary to sharpen our life sword.

If the ax is dull you have to work harder. The ax needs to be sharpened. The work of sharpening the ax is faith. The ax becomes sharp through exercise; work, action.

Faith must have corresponding actions. We can know the ax needs to be sharpened but if we don’t do the act of sharpening the ax our faith is worthless. Faith only happens when there is action.

Until action takes place nothing happens. Both wood cutting and life is hard without will and faith working together.

So let’s see what you know.

What changed your belief system?

If you said, “My will changes my compass.”  

What grows your willpower?

If you said faith you are correct!

What are five things a strong will does for you?

If you don’t know re-read this Words of Hope.

Thank you, Dr. Jones, Deputy Director, Alaska Military Youth Academy for sharing your wisdom with me.