The photo is a crafted pewter anchor. Following a lifelong tradition buying a treasure to help remember the experiences I purchased this keepsake in Nova Scotia (New Scotland).

Like a ship or boat, I need reliable anchors in my life. Fishing on a 56-foot seiner in Alaska taught me the value of a trustworthy anchor.

As St Peter joined hope and anchor together, I see many miracle anchors in my life.

My first anchor is Susie. I vividly remember the first time I laid eyes on her. I was 19. For 54 years this truly remarkable woman has been the anchor of not only my life but our kids, who know well mom is a strong anchor.

Second is The Lord. I place the Lord as the second anchor to come into my life because He chose Susie to lead me to make Him my Master and King. The Lord is THE ANCHOR of my life. He is the one and only one who has lifted me out of the darkest of days.

Children can be either anchors or lost ships in the seas of life. My children Jennifer and Jay married worthy anchors. These four together are powerful anchors who motivate me to live above my circumstances.

And there are grandchildren. Susie says “If I would have known grandchildren are so wonderful I would have skipped being a parent.”

Thank you Lord on a dark day four years ago, then 6 years old, Isabella said, “Poppa you have to live long enough to see my first baby born, but not my second one.”

NBC is a daily anchor.  Basketball is the tool the Lord has given me to teach youth to find the miracle in them the way a professor at the U of Idaho did for me.

Time does not permit me to name anchor friends. They know who they are because I have told them often.

Today I hold fast to God’s holy and life-giving WORD. I know God’s Word is alive and active. I believe God. He is the anchor of anchors.