Key Statement: Words you say, are far more important than the words you think. You create your world by the words of your mouth.

The Friday before Easter commemorates the most significant day in the history of mankind.

We call this day Good Friday.

Your friend and author of Words of Hope, Fred Crowell wrote these words days ago, however, Good Friday is a day to remember every day of our lives.

It was this day the Lord Jesus Christ cried out, “Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani?” Which means, My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

As I read the Gospel accounts of the events that took place on Good Friday the word absolutely screamed in my ears.

Imagine Jesus in Gethsemane lying prostrate on the ground pleading with His Father to avoid going to the cross.

With great sadness and a broken heart, Abba Father says, “My Beloved Son I am so sorry, but the only way for sins to be forgiven for all humankind is the cross.”

With tears streaming down the Lord’s face and tiny drops of blood dripping out of his pores our Savior says, “Yes, Absolutely, Absolutamente!

I will go to the cross to bring honor and glory to Your name, Holy Father.”

Will we say “Yes” to God today?

Will we live life today?

Will we serve our family today?

Will we love hard work today?

Will we smile often, laugh easily and encourage many today?

Will you surrender selfishness today and live for Jesus?

If you don’t act, you don’t learn.

Will you send 3 to 5 people you care about today’s Word of Hope?


Which one?