Welcome to part 2 of this 7 part series on Emotional Intelligence.

My life experience message has been centered on EQ (emotional intelligence), my relentless goal is to carefully teach what I know about EQ and basketball to others.

Most of us did no inherent EQ from our parents and many of us have not had a mentor who has taught us EQ over an extended period of time.

So what can we do today?

We can make a personal commitment to study, learn, and practice EQ success principles.

Here are today’s ways to get EQ:

  1. Be a giver not a taker. Clebe McClery, a US Marine Purple Heart said, “In this world of give-and-take there were too few willing to give what it takes.” Start small by giving small things so you can learn to give big things. 
  2. Laugh and Cry. Laugh well, cry when appropriate, be fun to be with and  silent more often than not. It takes real mental focus and intent to do these well.
  3. Forgive freely. Forgiveness is your get out of jail free card. Anger turns to resentment resentment turns to bitterness and bitterness boils up into vengeance. When we fail to forgive we shoot ourselves in the foot and wonder why it hurts.

Freely give, forgive, and share both laughter and/or tears today.