17:17 is now my magic number! It replaces 15:00. Why is it magic? It is my ALONE TIME within a personal private place. It is my stop-everything time to bring every thought under control with deep breaths. It is Mindful Management. It is Be Still and know that I am God.

Bobby Moore
Drafted – 4 years
Texas Ranger Organization

Why 17:17? This is to honor a very special person in my life named Bobby Moore. He is my 45-year-old athletic wellness trainer and my church pastor. Years ago he wore 17 on his uniform while playing professional baseball for the Texas Rangers organization. By the way, he could also fire a 95-mile-an-hour fastball past you! Most importantly, he shines the light of Christ as no other.

In my life, 17 is eventful also. It is the date I was to be born. However, I was born a few hours later on the 18th. If it were the 17th, I would have been named after St. Patrick. In addition, with gratitude and thanksgiving, my one and only grandson was born on a 17th date.

Why give all the 17:17 background? It is to encourage my readers to have an ALONE TIME daily. Do you have that time? If not, why not start today with 17:17.

Thank you, Bobby Moore, for inspiring me to add 2 minutes and 17 seconds to my ALONE TIME.