Three choices; two usually poor ones!

As a young coach at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks my college president taught me a lesson for life.

Years later I discovered choice was God’s unique gift to humankind. No other creation on earth has the power of choice.

My president had promised 10 basketball scholarships, and when this promise was broken. With great difficulty, I finally got a face to face with the president.

For 45 minutes except for brief pauses for oxygen, the powerhouse UA headman waxed eloquently on the challenges he faced running a university.

Abruptly he arose from his chair, wrapped his long arm over my shoulder as he guided me to the door. The president’s last words to me were, “Coach, anytime you are asked a question there are only 3 answers and 2 are usually bad. They are yes, no, or I am thinking about it.”

Choice always costs something. A yes to something means a no to something else, while an I don’t know often results in missed opportunity.

When the Creator chose to give man and woman free will, the gift of Choice, He risked disobedience on our part. Ultimately the gift of choice cost God his only son who gave his life as a ransom for our sins.

Use or abuse of the gift of choice is on a moment by moment basis and based on our decisions.

Today I choose life, not death.
Today I choose to please God above man.
Because my life experience tells me I can choose to have a big God and small people or big people and a small God.
Today I choose to have a big God.

Life just works best when God is first in my life.