“The art of changing foul days to blue sky days”


500 years ago a young Spanish soldier led his troops to battle against France. A cannon ball ripped between his legs, one being severely injured.

On his bed preparing for death he idled his time reading. The last book in the castle was the book titled THE IMITATION OF CHRIST.

1400 Jesuit universities, like Gonzaga and Georgetown, thank you St. Ignatius for turning your RED SKY Days to blue skies.

The founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola, was introduced to me in 1999 by the wisest, kindest man I had ever met which is saying a mouthful in light of the profound influence of my mother and Uncle Walt.

Father Bernard Tyrrell was this man. 10 years my senior, crippled with MS, the single best professor of Mrs. Crowell’s academic career, and best of all one who actually imitated the life of Christ in everyday life experiences.

Father B was my mentor in building a TOOL BOX filled with the correct tools to turn red days into blue skies regardless of the events of the day.

Matthew 17 is a perfect text to illustrate the reality of red/blue days.

For the first time Jesus tells his team he is going to suffer greatly and die.

These past 5 years the Crowell’s have had some very stormy red sky mornings. These are the times we depend so heavily upon the remarkably reliable and effective tools Father B taught me to use these past 17 years.

Today for me is a blue sky day. This is a good day to organize my skills tool box. To make sure they are ready to use when red sky days come and surely they will come.

Which brings to mind Paul’s strong words in Ephesians 6. Put on the full armor of God. Happy I shined all my shoes last week. Good shoes are very important on the basketball court and in the spiritual battle.

Now I am ready to win the moment so I can win the hour so I can win the day.


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