KEY STATEMENT: As Deuteronomy suggests, write it on your forehead, place a string around your forehead, so you never forget what God has given you in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Remember this!


The Mind is the Master of the BODY. Thoughts begin in the mind. A thought is a seed. Everything noble or destructive begins with a thought.

The body must submit to the mind. The tongue is the most valuable player in the muscles, tissue, tendons, and ligaments of the body.

One of the cruelest punishments in all of history is to cut out a man’s tongue. Metaphorically the tongue is fire. It warms us or destroys us.

Actions are the results of thoughts and words. Actions prove the reality of your philosophy and belief system. Actions verify your thoughts and words.

Habits operate out of the sub-conscious mind. The formation of good habits is the responsibility of the conscious mind. The conscience guides us in knowing right and wrong.

Destiny is the finished product. Destiny began with a thought. Change your thoughts and you begin the process of creating your destiny.


6th grade, Central Grade School, Anacortes, Washington, 1953. A classmate says, “Hey Fred, there is a free throw shot contest in the gym/cafeteria; you going?” I had never heard about it until this moment. I decided to go. To the amazement of me, I won!

It all began with a thought – think I will go to the free throw contest.

53 years later. Thought, “How can I teach kids how to shoot the basketball more effectively than I have been the last 35 years at NBC Camps?”

Words to actions to habits turned the Crowell Basketball Shooting System into my destiny.

Today at age 75 it is my deepest and most sincere conviction the Crowell Basketball Shooting System is the best ever designed. I will give any university or NBA basketball team a non-refundable $10,000 payment to guarantee this claim. Advancing one round in the NCAA is worth millions.

These are the Crowell Conditions in return:

Four or more players who shot under 70% at the free throw line.

For each 1% point improvement Crowell Basketball receives $3000 per player.

Crowell Conviction.  Point guards should make at minimum 85% of their free shots.

One of Coach Crowell’s defeated Conference champs at Kansas State. To hand them their one home court loss. No shot clock, point guard took last 10 shots; all at FT line. 10 for 10.

Best Big Guy needs to be at 80 or better; for under 70% this player needs to be on bench
The 57% guy I spoke of earlier will be on the free throw line against my team

What is in your mind right now? What do you want your destiny to be? It begins with a thought; then carefully selected words; then positive, consistent actions.

Apply these truths to your life in any important area from parenthood, to work, to shooting a basketball, or hitting a golf ball.

What is your destiny for the rest of your life? I have a new thought that was presented to me by Bella Ferch, when she was 6 years old (6 years ago), “Papa you have to live long enough to see my first baby born but not my second…”

Therefore I have to live long enough to see my first Ferch granddaughter marry and have a first child. That puts me out about 12-15 years. My destiny is to live to be 88 years old, so my thoughts, my words, my actions, my habits are going to propel me to reach 88 years of age. Inspite of Cancer.