I marvel studying the world of dogs. Much more than cats, I understand dogs; they are predictable.

Early each morning my predictable friend Keiki comes to my office to sit on my lap while I take the interior journey to be in quiet, silence, deep in thought, learning how to live this new day with joy; finding treasures in His Word.

Because great basketball coaches have the genius of making the complex simple, watching, carefully watching “dog behavior,” helps me understand complicated human behavior.

Like reviewing a basketball game with equipment capable of running the play in slow motion, a dog’s life slows our amazing and often frantic human lives down for me.

With Keiki on my lap today, Paul’s ideas in Romans 5 make even more sense.

If this seems absurd, stop a moment, let’s watch a young child play with a puppy. Broadway has a play called the, “CURIOS INCIDENT OF THE DOG.” Starring a 15 year old boy who suffers from autism, unable to stand human touch. Yet when given a puppy, he rolls on the floor hugging and and enjoying getting his face licked by the pup.

Paul begins the chapter with, “THEREFORE, SINCE.” When I see these two words I light up. I know good is following.

Since we have been made right by God through faith, and faith alone we have reason for joy. We have a reason to live in peace.

We have reason to embrace pain because pain produces character and character produces perseverance, and perseverance produces hope, and hope does not disappoint.

So back to the dog world. It makes no sense for a boy to accept face licking by a puppy yet never allow his mother to so much as touch him. Just as it makes no sense for God to love us UNCONDITIONALLY and ask His only son to die for us, and accept faith as the one and only currency for this incredible gift.

Yes, just as Keiki literally begs for me to pick her up and place her on my lap, the exact same faith is required for me to climb into the arms of God and trust him today.

 I will follow my amazing Keiki today and place ALL MY FAITH IN GOD and expect to be a man of abundant JOY TODAY.