Boys to Men

Words of Wisdom for All Boys

Dr. James Jones, a leader of youth, once told me, “There are four vital foundations to govern your life by.”

  1. Control your environment.
  2. Listen only to the wise, those worthy of being imitated with a proven track record.
  3. Embrace repetition as the mother of learning.
  4. Learn well from life experiences.

Wisdom from an old man… the fourth foundation is the most valuable learning tool. You can learn from an old man! The fact is you learn both from your personal experience and from the experience of others, it is how we grow and grow up.

In my opinion, there are far too many 30-year-old (and older) boys who have never become men. After 78 years of life, it is my firm conviction a boy becomes a man when:

  1. He knows his purpose, passion, and responsibility in life. A man knows who he is, want he wants and accepts full responsibility for his life.
  2. He becomes a warrior to protect good and destroy evil.

As for this old man, it means two things in practical, everyday living.

My purpose is to love the Lord God with all my mind, heart and soul.

My purpose is to love people more than things. People who love people first use things to help people as opposed to using people to get things.

A Father boy/man lives for himself. A Father Man is a warrior for his family.  

A Father boy/man lives a life of self-pleasure. A Father Man is a true servant.

A Father boy/man is not loyal to the family. A Father Man is willing to die for his family.

A Father boy/man escapes reality in his fantasy world; A Father Man provides safety, financial security, and models ethical behavior for his family.

A Father boy/man lets his children run lose; A Father Man teaches and trains his children to live life with excellence.

A Father boy/man does not honor his parents or wife or children; A Father Man honors his parents, wife, and children.

A major goal in being the Lord God’s warrior for my wife and children was to live in such a manner my son would seek to become a Warrior Man and my daughter to marry a Warrior Man. It takes a Warrior Man to marry a Warrior Woman.

Regrettable far too many Warrior Women are married to boys who do not fight to train their children to be Warriors for all that is good in life.

What is a boy to do if his birth father is a boy/man and not a Father Man Warrior?

There is but one wise choice. Decide to become a Father Man Warrior! Take on full responsibility.

Life has a way of making the unfair, fair. Some boys grow up under the leadership of a great Father Warrior; yet never become one themselves; while some boys who lived in the worst of conditions become great, awesome Father Man Warriors.

Boys the Lord/God is willing and able to make you a Warrior Man.

You too can make the two most important choices I made at age 23:

  1. To Love the Lord God with all your mind heart and soul. To obey His wishes with a joyful attitude.
  2. To love people beginning with your family. As the Lord God became a mighty warrior for me; I chose to be a warrior for my family and to love people deeper than what they can do for me.