USA’s Best Buy, Russia’s Worst Sale.

For 67 million dollars, the United States bought all of Alaska. As I travel the magnificent state, I marvel how we were able to buy it from Russia.

When I look at the world politically, I thank the Lord Alaska is one of our states and not a Russian stronghold. We are fortunate.

Counting blessings, naming them one by one is easy for me to do as I spend two weeks in Anchorage, Sodoltna, Wasilla, Ketchikan and Metlakatla. Much of the time will be spent with basketball players who have hopes of becoming college players.

Check out the photo of the grizzly bear. Imagine for a moment this guy can run over 40 miles per hour.  Check out his 4 inch claws and arms strong enough to break the back of a moose with one swipe and a mouth big enough to hold a man’s head.

Then open your Bible and read Psalm 8. “What is man that you are mindful of”…….you will be richly blessed by taking a few minutes to delight in the psalmist words.