The Crowell Shooting Ball – Youth/adult (29.5”)

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BEST shooting ball available
8 diamonds giving you 16 perfect shooting positions
7th grade+ / adult

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The Crowell Pure Shooting Ball has been a labor of love for Coach Crowell who gained success as a player becoming a great shooter. The ball is designed with diamond shapes built onto the ball to teach players proper finger and hand placement. It also includes key words such as “Aim Small, Miss Small” and the “3 Master Keys” of shooting which include Feet, Hands and Eyes. This is a high quality indoor/outdoor ball with important teaching points included on the ball. This is ideal for training athletes to become great shooters. To maximize your improvement and take your game to the next level, we recommend ordering the corresponding Pure Shooting Workbook/DVD as well.

BEST shooting ball available
8 diamonds giving you 16 perfect shooting positions
7th grade+ / adult
synthetic leather

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1 review for The Crowell Shooting Ball – Youth/adult (29.5”)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    I am a firm believer in teeing the ball up correctly is at the core of every great shooter. Your best shooters are able to do this without you even noticing it. It is because of someone taught them the proper hand placement at an early age. Once hand placement is established then it just becomes a matter of putting the repetitions and time in developing their touch and follow through. Once that is established then the last step is increasing their ability to get their shot off quicker, which includes both footwork and the ability to create space. I believe the Crowell Basketball is an excellent tool for helping young players establish a foundation for becoming a great shooter. A young player needs to be able to coach himself, the Crowell Basketball allows them to do just that. It is a constant reminder of proper hand placement and is a great tool to place in their toolbox.

    As a coach with the number 1 and 3 all-time 3pt fg makers with 527 and 498 three’s with teams ranked in the top 10 in 3’s made per game for 15 straight years. I recommend this tool.

    Coach Donnie Bostwick

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