I am sure you have discovered, as I have these past years, that a miracle-making profession, a joyful marriage, daily exercises, diet no-no’s, even going to the oncologist can be difficulties. I have also discovered this concept: EVERYBODY WOULD BE DOING IT IF IT WAS EASY.

Harvard researchers conducted an extensive study on LIVING IN THE MOMENT. The results showed 50% of those taking the study did not live in the present moment.

Years ago at the NBC Camps extensive life-changing basketball and emotional-intelligence skills training, we coined the following expression as a way to teach our students to master the skill of living in the moment with this technique:

  • Anytime, anywhere, all the time, our staff asks the crucible question: “Where are you?”
  • The answer is straight forward, easy to understand and not difficult to say: “Right here right now.”

When we master the right-here-right-now skill, LIVING IN THE MOMENT    becomes reality. Behavior change begins with an idea, a thought; ideas and thoughts become words; words become actions; actions become habits. Then our world is changed.

“Where are you?” Say it with conviction, say it often. The fact is when we live in the past, depression becomes the enemy. When we live in the tomorrows, anxiety knocks at the door. When we live in the Right Here Right Now, we have control of our words. We have freedom to speak life-giving words, or we can choose to speak “killer words.” So, words can bring joy, life, light, encouragement, or they can put down people. Words can be like sunshine, warm days; or they can be like cloudy, cold, raining days.

In 1978 on a dreary Alabama morning, I spoke with a wise 88-year-old professor: “Doctor, I have watched you walk by our offices for over a year. Please give me the best piece of advice you can give.” Without hesitation, the wise professor was Right Here Right Now. He replied: ““You make your own weather.”

Today, here is the fourfold Crowell challenge:

  • Share the Right Here Right Now concept with some trusted others.
  • Ask them, “Where are you?” Inspire them to say, “Right Here Right Now.”
  • Practice LIVING IN THE MOMENT; one way is to name gratitudes.
  • Choose to listen to others with a Right Here Right Now mindset.

This may be difficult, but it is rewarding.


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